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    The macabre environment is refuted by industry leads plots of lewd comedy, where no one repents and where sin is a form of ingenuity. Friars, marquises, abbesses, presbyters, and married women seek daring erotic bliss. In an era of diseased bodies, Boccaccio exalts the industry leads organism. He doesn't care if a mouth sneezes; he cares that he industry leads kisses. The characters belong to a hypocritical society in which to be honest you have to cheat. According to Salvador Novo, "they seek to impose a moral conscience based on the inappropriateness of inhibitions." Illegitimate son, Boccaccio wanted to industry leads normalize stigmas. Novo noted his "latent desire to make everyone recognize the purity of adultery, of which he was a large product, and to establish free love as proof that his presence in the world was not spurious." As a industry leads practicing Catholic, Boccaccio met the first of his muses in church (Petrarch also saw Laura before an altar). At the end of the Decameron , he did something his characters industry leads would never do: he repented and asked the admiring poet for advice. Petrarch urged him to publish the stories, industry leads although years later he would say that it was "a juvenile book, written in prose for the use of the people." Unlike Dante, Boccaccio makes Hell and Paradise on earth. He judges that the epidemic may be a divine industry leads curse, but it reveals the human condition in the absence of God.In 1348, ten characters met in a garden in Italy. At noon they sought the shade to tell stories: each word industry leads lengthened life. That inspired seclusion would give another name to the times of the plague Renaissance.

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